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Archive of 1970s Papers Scanned in as PDFs

Applied Mathematics: Research Papers on Radar Reliability - Searchable PDFs

Memories of Computing 1970s
Distributional Errors in Reliability, B.U. Livson, Microelectronics and Reliability, Volume18, Issue 5, Page 449, Pergamon Press 1978.


Separately under Google Books:

Print Identifier
(e.g. ISBN)
Title Author
9780980327373 Tutkapeitteen Matemaattisia Malleja Ben Livson
9780980327366 Licenciate of Philosophy Dissertation on Radar Reliability {in Finnish, English Summary} Ben Livson
9780980327380 Real Estate Winners Ben Livson
9789519909202 Statistical Analyses of Radar Reliability Ben Livson
9789519909004 On Marine Radar Reliability Ben Livson
9789519909219 Reliability Models for Radar Systems Ben Livson
9780980327397 Biography of Dr. Mikael Livson Ben Livson  Research Gate Profile | Ben Livson

Pure Mathematics: Research Papers on Mathematical Topology

The Mathematics Student Letter of Acceptance for Publication 1977
Cardinality and Separation Axioms
{PDF 4MB, 1977, The Mathematics Student Vol 45 No 3 1977}

1980: Best of SQA

Auditing and Review Guidelines
Best Practice Software Quality Assurance
ACUS Software Engineering Tools 1989
ACUS Metrics Program 1989
Status Of Computer Aided Software, Ultraware Ltd 1988
Development Management System, 1987 Decus Symposium, Rome Italy
Ultraware Development Management System DMS 5.3 User Manual 1987

Survey of U.S. Software Tools & Technology 1981 {PDF 3.5MB}

1990: Best of Software Engineering

Software Chips Data Base
Future Software Development Management System Concepts
Computer Aided Software Engineering CASE Evaluation
ACUS Software Engineering Tools (ASSETS)

EduSET - Educational Software Engineering Tool - Information & Software Technology, Vol 30 No 4, May 1988.
Future Development Management System ACM 16th Conference Atlanta March 1988

2000: E-Methods  

BAL Methodology BALM
BAL Risk Analysis Methodology BRAM
Web Mate

2010 IP

2020+ Vision

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Separately under Google Books:

Print Identifier
(e.g. ISBN)
Title Author
9780980327342 Avuttomaan Tilaan Saattaminen tai Jättäminen Mikael Livson
9780980327359 Kiskomisrikos Mikael Livson
9780980327311 Epävarsinainen Laiminlyöntirikos Mikael Livson
9780980327328 Näennäinen Rikoskonkurrenssi Mikael Livson
9780980327304 Jeesus-Jeshua Galilealainen - Historiallinen Tutkimus Mikael Livson
9780980327335 Kotirauhan Rikosoikeudellinen Suoja Mikael Livson

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National Broadbank Network Modelling, Thesis-B, Matan Livson, UNSW 2011


Least Change View-Updating for Functorial View-Gets with Left Adjoints, Ori Livson, Masters by Research, Macquarie University 2018