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Every man has business and desire,
Such as it is.
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Cyber Security

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to Somebody Else. - Will Rogers

        Significant security experience with Government agencies including APRA, Australian Federal Police, Attorney General and a number of NSW state government departments.

        Telstra Security Program Manager of Cyber Security Transformation. Veteran Program Manager of Telstra and Westpac Transition and Transformation T&T since 2007.

        Delivered Telstra’s Internet content Blocking security project by 30 June 2011 deadline as the CEO’s commitment to the Minister to protect 10m customers from abuse.

        Security hardening of Westpac Online Internet Banking data centre infrastructure and End User Computing. Rebuilt bank’s Internet facing security zone 0. Focus on Infrastructure Security Architecture.

        Westpac Day 121 security integration with St George, BT and Asgard Wealth Management for network address space remediation, DNS and DHCP.

        Telstra Security Program Delivery to Westpac including integration Telstra Identity and Access Management with Westpac’s CORPAU identity store, ACS LDAP-S services for authentication, and User Access Revalidation (UAR) via Westpac’s SailPoint.

        Delivered ArcSight Security Information Even Management (SIEM) supporting Cyber Security Operations for 8,000 Telstra managed Westpac devices.

        Implemented McAfee end Point Protection (ePO), McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) as well as Tripwire Enterprise configuration management across Telstra managed Westpac fleet.

        Project managed network security policies, planning and audits for Telstra and banks.

        Security hardening using Citrix for Vodafone Big Data.

        Developed enterprise Internet Security Presence Protection analysis and audit methodology and tools - this I believe is a unique offering rich in Intellectual Property.

        Managed Telstra T-Cloud Big Data Infrastructure Development – one of the largest online projects in the Southern Hemisphere and part of the $1b Telstra cloud program. Deployed into three Telstra data centres as well as integrated authentication and web services with half-a-dozen Telstra data centres. Managed all security aspects,

        Multiple Telstra repeat business 15-16 assignments over 23 years. Similarly, a dozen assignments for Westpac since 2007.



Data Centre Infrastructure Advisory


Registered under NSW Finance & Services Performance and Management Services Scheme Categories:
1) Infrastructure and Major Projects; 2) General Technical Expertise; 3) NSW Data Centre Migration Services

Our aim is to continue and excel as a Senior Data Centre Infrastructure Consulting building on many years’ experience in all aspects of online/cloud/infrastructure  project delivery for Westpac, ANZ Bank, Futures Brokers, AMP, KPMG, PwC Energy Australia, Telstra & other key clients:

       Westpac Banking Corporation zone 0 Internet facing data centre infrastructure

       Managed Telstra T-Cloud Data Centre Infrastructure Development – one of the largest online projects in the Southern Hemisphere and part of the $1b Telstra cloud program.

       Telstra Big Pond and Telstra Multimedia Senior PM Assignments. Contractor of Telstra a dozen times over 20 years for a total of five years. Telstra and WebCentral Development Partner.


Technical management of large scale multi-data centre build of storage systems, networks, servers, racking and cabling including major data centre moves including decommissioning. Data centre capacity planning including heat dissipation, power and rack space.

Experienced in project managing networks, firewalls, load balancers, servers (Wintel, AIX and RHEL Linux), Oracle, SQL, SharePoint, backup and data replication between data centres.

We have advised on mission critical high availability and security infrastructure for stock broking clearance and futures trading, innovative credit card products, Operational Data Store for single customer view and customer value ranking across a portfolio of financial services for Westpac, upgrade of Internet Banking and Online infrastructure for Westpac, mortgage lending for AMP, front and middle offices for energy trading for Energy.

Our focus is on Data Centre Architecture and Security for hardening of data centre security for Internet access. Delivered Telstra’s Internet content Blocking by 30 June 2011 deadline as the CEO’s commitment to the Minister to protect 10m Internet access customers.

We have hardened the data centre security of Westpac Banking Corporation’s Internet facing data centre security zone 0, implemented High Availability and increased Westpac’s Internet capacity ten-fold through a series of projects from 2007 to 2009.




Intellectual Property




Key Projects


Industries Served


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Clients over Thirty Years of Project and Program Management

Select Clients

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1. BAL Consulting Pty Ltd – Contact Details top
Company ACN: 062 643 958
Address: Suite 1908, 168 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia with partners in the major Australian State Capitals, the USA, UK, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Israel, Hong Kong and Singapore since 1978.
Telephone: +61 414 250 437
Web :,,, and
Telecom Australia (Telstra) Supplier Number: 34807/99
Australia Post Vendor No.: 190502
Registered under NSW Finance & Services Performance and Management Services Scheme Categories:
1) Infrastructure and Major Projects; 2) General Technical Expertise
2. Specialisation
Our core business is bridging business with technology, professional services including investment analysis, customer-user-product requirements analysis, feasibility studies, data, application, network and enterprise architecture, pre-sales support, evaluations, and implementation support, in particular in the messaging, consulting postal services,  integration, wireless technologies, web application and database areas including development and project management, and provision of expert resources. Case Study

BAL's Intellectual Property focuses on messaging research, hybrid and inbound postal messaging and logistics now on sale, see our investor presentation. We always seek talent and welcome applications for association or partnership.

Registered  Class 42 Trademark 978492 granted: services being intellectual property consultancy and computer consultancy services in relation to: telecommunications, messaging, postal services and logistics, wireless, internet, intranet and e-business.

Key services include:

       Strategic Sales Support including presales, channel sales and complex sales support, market research and Business Case Development

        Business Process Analysis

        Business Recovery and Alignment

        Coaching for Board and Executive

        Strategic Technology Forecasting

        Identification of Market Trends

        Identification of New Revenue Opportunities

        ROI, NPV, IRR, EVA and Knowledge Capital Analysis

        Intellectual Property Management

        R & D Commercialisation

        New Business Development

        Vendor and Outsourcing Performance Analysis

        Business and Technology Risk Analysis, Mitigation and Planning

        Enterprise architecture frameworks including FEAF, Zachman and Togaf

        CMM: Capability Maturity Model assessment

        SPICE: Software Process  Improvement and Capability dEtermination

        Audit of ISO 9000-Series Quality, IEEE Software Engineering and MIL Standards

        Strategic Reviews

        Project Rescue and Restructuring

        Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation Support

        Board and CEO Advisory Services



If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much. - Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defence

What are our specialised skills? The company specialises in postal consulting of postal services and logistics, wireless technology, E-Commerce, Internet, messaging and postal services consulting, professional services and project management. The group has extensive experience on networking having worked for years with the Telstra Network Technology Group. The group has specialists in database and applications including Oracle. We can provide skills for the whole life-cycle including project managing the implementation and deployment. Forty major customers since 1991.
Example of a major assignment: Telstra Big Pond Intranet, Web Hosting and Messaging have been project managed by the group. The contract resources for Big Pond Intranet messaging were arranged via the group. All the product marketing and development deliverables for these projects were provided, all Telstra parties including Product Management, development and operations, liaison with Infrastructure and WAN Services were handled by the group.  top

Intellectual Property

Cabbage: A familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man's head.

Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914), The Devil's Dictionary

BAL specialises in patentable technology and trade secrets for postal services, messaging, e-commerce fulfillment and methods of payment. BAL professional services include evaluation of new Intellectual Property and Initial Public Offerings, financial modeling, market research into new Internet and wireless technology services and assistance in patenting new inventions, preparation of business plans and advise in finding partners. We advise on the Valuation of Knowledge Capital.

We encourage Idea Submission, promote the best ideas to investment readiness and may assist in capital raising, too. Our global network of advisors assists us in evaluating the potential.
Get e-valuations - our new fixed price e-service for evaluating e-business concepts. Intellectual property on offer includes:

Overview of Hybrid Mail and Messaging IP
Introduction to @Fulfillment
Introduction to @Post

Introduction to myphone@directories
Messaging Anti-Spam Intellectual Property
Public Hybrid Mail and Messaging Research
Investor area of Hybrid Mail and Messaging
Business Case for Hybrid Mail
Hybrid Messaging Deep Dive for Investors
Overview of Electronic Commerce IP
Investor area of Electronic Commerce

Internet Presence Protection Services

We sell Intellectual Bandwidth always on tap for Indefeasible Rights of Use for up to 20 years.

 Services and Products  

We offer customer-user-product requirements analysis, feasibility studies, assessment of  productivity, knowledge and Intellectual Property, enterprise, data, network, application and system architecture, pre-sales support, evaluations, implementation support and project management for postal services, Internet services fulfilment and electronic commerce e-services including applications, databases, directory and messaging services and Internet Presence Protection Services. We practice formal enterprise architecture frameworks including FEAF, Zachman and Togaf. We provide Benchmarking, CMM: Capability Maturity Model assessment, SPICE: Software Process  Improvement and Capability dEtermination and support application of ISO 9000-series Quality Management Standards.

Don't rule out working with your hands. It does not preclude using your head. - Andy Rooney

Technical Support Services: top

Training On-site, Phone & Email Support, Documentation & Newsletter as required

Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it.          Theodore Roosevelt

3. Business Structure top

When was our company established? In business since 1978.

Do you have interstate affiliates? most major Australian State Capitals, the USA, UK, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Israel, Hong Kong and Singapore
Total number of customers: 40+ - possibly hundreds via the network
Size and activities: A network of more than 40 consultants, contractors, academics and other professionals.

R&D 40% Training 10% Marketing 15% Sales 10% 
Administration 5% Support 10% Consultants 10% 

% revenue generated from: Hardware:  0%;   Support:  0%;  Value Added Software:  0%  Professional Services and Consulting:  90%;  Training & Skills Transfer:  10%;  3rd Party Products:  0%
Which vendors/suppliers/developers do we have a marketing / technical / business relationship with? Which services or products in particular: It is against company policy to sell hardware or software or be financially involved with any vendor. BAL Consulting P/L is a pure professional services provider and has no shares or any other financial interest in any vendor. 


Helicopter View of Key Projects

Hindsight talks of consequences of what was done but is oblivious of any other
course that was not followed - Winston Churchill





Ratio Bus/ Technology





Telstra 1





50% Busi-ness &50% Technology



Full from concept to production

Business Support System


Telstra 2









Full from concept to production

New Product for Big Pond for Business

PriceWater-house PwC





Project Director

Implement and Data Conversion

Stock Broker support and systems


<1m  to $300m



Manage-ment Consultant


Bus Case, Invest Review

AMP Online Banking








$5m+ pa



Program Manager



Energy Australia







Energy Trading


Up to $80m





Broadband Investment


Unisys R&D

$2-to-5m multiple





R&D Manager





$100m+ multiple



Test & QA Manager



RTA Drives




Mgmt Cons




$1m multiple



Mgmt Cons

Various - Review

Technology Advisory

        Vendor Management Experience

The difference between a used car salesman and an ICT vendor is that the used car salesman knows what he is selling - anon


Prime Contractor




NEC, Siemens, Layer2, Cisco, Lucent, 45 regional carriers


ICE ITC Practice

Telstra, Optus, Layer2, Leighton

Energy Australia


Katestone Scientific, OSIX, IBM and Oracle

Telstra Bigpond


Netscape, Cisco, Uniq and Compaq

AMP Online Banking


Logica, Ericsson, HP, Compaq and DEC



Microsoft, Novell

Telstra NTG


Sun, Oracle, SAS Institute, Coopers & Lybrand & Cisco


Price Waterhouse


BAL Research

Hybrid Mail and Messaging Research

More than 1,000 Postal Service & Messaging Vendors

NSW Government

8 Departments
3 Corporations

Accenture, Bentley, Figtree, Fujitsu, HP, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Mincom, SAP & Siebel


             Industries Served

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