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BAL Consulting Pty Ltd

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At BAL, we strive to lead in the invention, research and development of the industry's most advanced information and communications technologies, specialising in infrastructure, cyber security, big data analytics, cloud and online. We are 100% self-funded and debt free; all our consulting profits are invested in our R&D. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional services and consulting. Our differentiator as a consultancy is our unique ability to bridge business with technology. See our consulting Case Study.

BAL is the founder and supporter of Aerostats All Australia (AAA) initiative for mobile coverage in rural, regional and remote Australia.

BAL's head office is in Sydney, Australia with associates in the major Australian State Capitals, the USA, UK, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Israel, Hong Kong and Singapore since 1978.

We have a track record of R&D  Publications  |  Citation Policy  |  Citations Search 8 April 2020


Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is? - Frank Scully

BAL Consulting's mission is to provide timely, cost-effective, and practical business solutions of high quality and added value that meet our clients' business requirements.

We have established an impeccable reputation in Technology Consulting for both medium to large companies and Government agencies in the areas of Information Technology and Telecommunications. We bridge business with technology and excel in analysing business and investment opportunities.



We are a group of principal consultants each with specialised skills. Each of our consultants has managed his or her own consulting business successfully.

We are against having a generalist outlook and trying to be all things to all men.

We specialise in the provision of professional services for data centre infrastructure, telecommunications research and consulting, e-business, e-commerce and e-services, messaging & collaboration, data warehousing, middleware, application, database and network design, implementation and support as IT&T enablers to implement strategic planning and business process re-engineering.

We are a service only company and guarantee our clients against having any interest in product vendors; BAL Consulting does not accept vendor assignments and does not have any financial interest in any vendor.

All our consultants have a degree and/or are certified professionals with a minimum of ten years of experience; we do not contract 'trainees' at our Clients expense.



True is it that we have seen better days. - William Shakespeare, "As You Like It", Act 1 scene 7

We offer services for:


Cyber Security

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Data Centre Infrastructure Advisory


Our aim is to continue and excel as a Senior Data Centre Infrastructure Consulting building on many years’ experience in all aspects of online/cloud/infrastructure  project delivery for Westpac, ANZ Bank, Futures Brokers, AMP, KPMG, PwC Energy Australia, Telstra & other key clients:

·       Westpac Banking Corporation zone 0 Internet facing data centre infrastructure

·       Managed Telstra T-Cloud Data Centre Infrastructure Development – one of the largest online projects in the Southern Hemisphere and part of the $1b Telstra cloud program.

·       Telstra Big Pond and Telstra Multimedia Senior PM Assignments. Contractor of Telstra a dozen times over 20 years for a total of five years. Telstra and WebCentral Development Partner.

Technical management of large scale multi-data centre build of storage systems, networks, servers, racking and cabling including major data centre moves including decommissioning. Data centre capacity planning including heat dissipation, power and rack space.

Experienced in project managing networks, firewalls, load balancers, servers (Wintel, AIX and RHEL Linux), Oracle, SQL, SharePoint, backup and data replication between data centres. Implemented Telstra’s first EMC Isilon scale-out NAS Big Data solution that natively integrates with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) layer. Deployed infrastructure into three Telstra data centres as well as integrated authentication and web services with half-a-dozen Telstra data centres.

We have advised on mission critical high availability and security infrastructure for stock broking clearance and futures trading, innovative credit card products, Operational Data Store for single customer view and customer value ranking across a portfolio of financial services for Westpac, upgrade of Internet Banking and Online infrastructure for Westpac, mortgage lending for AMP, front and middle offices for energy trading for Energy.

Our focus is on Data Centre Architecture and Security for hardening of data centre security for Internet access. Delivered Telstra’s Internet content Blocking by 30 June 2011 deadline as the CEO’s commitment to the Minister to protect 10m Internet access customers.

We have hardened the data centre security of Westpac Banking Corporation’s Internet facing data centre security zone 0, implemented High Availability and increased Westpac’s Internet capacity ten-fold through a series of projects from 2007 to 2009.



Telecommunications and Information Technology Planning and Selection

The scars of others should teach us caution. - Saint Jerome, Letter

We provide Feasibility Studies and Product Marketing Support in IT&T, of Internet/Electronic Commerce/e-services. As an example, we provided the original architecture and project management for parts of Telstra Big Pond for Business: Intranet web hosting, messaging and directory services. Our services include:


Aerostats All Australia AAA Mobile Coverage

Aerostats All Australia (AAA) is a start-up to commercialise the AAA-initiative to extend Mobile Coverage of Australia’s landmass and surrounding sea with high altitude aerostats as a disruptive innovative breakthrough technology reducing cost by at least an order of magnitude in comparison to all other alternatives.

The AAA vision is to provide mobile coverage, with low latency, to anyone with a mobile handset opening interactive real-time Internet applications for remote Australia.

The initial whitepaper with rich contributions by leaders of the Australian wireless operators, vendors and academia was followed by presentations to the Australian Government Department of Communications and the Arts, ACCC and Productivity Commission as well as all five leading wireless operators (Telstra, Optus, VHA, TPG and NBN).

The focus over the last year has been refining the airborne platform for carrier grade operations, analysis of the Radio Access Network payloads including base stations and antennae as well as adapting the operating model to the needs of mobile network operators.

AAA is in commercial discussions with mobile network operations and has put a bid for Commonwealth Funding in the lead up to the 2020 completion of NBN enabling budgets for the Universal Service Obligation to be reallocated subject to negotiations with Telstra and the Australian Government.

Aerostat All Australia AAA Citations


Aerostats All Australia (AAA) Mobile Coverage

AAA for Regional Telecommunications Review

AAA for Productivity Commission USO Inquiry

AAA News in the Press - Communications Day


Retrospective and Vision












Pro Bono Work

BAL takes pride in its Pro Bono work for non-profit organisations such as IEEE and ACM. Also, we have helped many talented post graduate students.

Too many have dispensed with generosity to practice charity - Albert Camus


Wireless, Internet, and e-Business Consulting 


 Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk. - Joaquin Setanti


Systems Integration & Project Management

·        System Requirement Specification

·        Interface Control Documents

·        Project, Configuration Management, Quality and Test Plans

·        Risk Assessment, Issues Management, Project Reviews and IT&T Management

·        Enterprise architecture frameworks including FEAF, Zachman and Togaf

·        Architectures: Business, Enterprise, Solution & Technical

·        Architectural Blueprints and Roadmaps for Enterprise

·        Vendor Management

·        Project Rescue

·        CMM: Capability Maturity Model assessment in partnership with Software Engineering Consultants Inc. SECI

·        ITIL: IT Infrastructure Library

·        SPICE: Software Process  Improvement and Capability dEtermination

·        Quality Audit of ISO 9000-Series

·        Security Audit of ISO 27000-Series

·        PMBOK® and Prince2® 




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Clients over Thirty Years of Project and Program Management


Select Clients


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Helicopter View of Key Projects












Westpac Online Services

ANZ Bank





AMP Bank





Mortgage Lending






Stockbroking/ Apps




Lead Consult


Investment Advisor ICE

Energy Australia





Energy Trading Business Analysis & Architecture


$1m multiple




Various - Review

Digital Marketing & Development

Telstra 1






Telstra 2-3





New Product Development


$5m+ pa


Program Manager


Stake Holder Management







CTO representing Shield Telecommunications

Unisys R&D

$5m multiple



R&D Manager



Product Development Apps




Test & QA Manager



Product Development Apps




Mgmnt Cons


Oracle Financials & CRM



Procurement and Vendor Management Experience


Prime Contract



IBM & Telstra

IBM, Telstra, Optus, BT, Cisco and Unify



EMC, Sun, Oracle, SAS Institute, Coopers & Lybrand, HP, Netscape and Cisco



Teradata, SAS and Oracle Exalytics -‎



NEC, Siemens, Layer2, Cisco, Lucent and 45 regional and global tier-1 carriers


ICE ITC Practice

Telstra, Optus, Layer 2, Leighton

Energy Australia


Katestone Scientific, OSIX, IBM and Oracle

AMP Bank


Logica, Ericsson, HP, Compaq and DEC

NSW Government

8 Departments
3 Corporations

NSW GovDC, AC3, AWS, Accenture, Bentley, Figtree, Fujitsu, HP, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Mincom, Qlik, SAP and Siebel



No problem is so formidable that you can't walk away from it. - Charles M. Schulz


·        Business Case Development

·        Business Process Analysis

·        Business Recovery and Alignment

·        Coaching: Board, Corporate and Executive

·        Strategic Technology Forecasting

·        Identification of Market Trends

·        Identification of New Revenue Opportunities

·        ROI, NPV, IRR, EVA and Knowledge Capital Analysis

·        Intellectual Property Management

·        R & D Commercialisation

·        New Business Development

·        Vendor and Outsourcing Performance Analysis

·        Business and Technology Risk Analysis, Mitigation and Planning

·        Strategic Reviews

·        Restructuring

·        Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation Support

·        Mentoring


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