The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him - Robert Benchley.

Our clients and third parties frequently make requests to quote extracts from our client work, research and web-site in general. The following sets out the guidelines for using BAL Consulting®P/L "BAL" material:


BAL’s material may be cited provided that the guidelines set below are followed. The general principles for citing BAL are:

  • all citations must be accurate, quoted verbatim, and/or duplicated without being manipulated, adapted, paraphrased or summarised and they must not be used out of context
  • quotes or extracts must be about general industry issues, markets and/or trends.
  • quotes or extracts must not endorse a vendor’s service or product, or criticise another vendor’s product or service.
  • the BAL Intellectual Property IP rights statement must be affixed to all graphics (diagrams, graphs and/or tables). BAL’s IP rights statement is: © Copyright 1978-2018 BAL Consulting®P/L. All rights reserved.
  • BAL’s research is proprietary to BAL and subject to copyright and other intellectual property protections
  • commercial use of the citation is prohibited.




  • may reproduce a diagram, graph or table of a client study for use in marketing collateral, provided that all citations adhere to the general rules outlined above
  • should seek approval from Request for Citation where a verbal quotation or written material is intended for use in any form of marketing collateral or publicly available information, or where reproduction and/or distribution of the research is required.



  • should seek approval to cite any of BAL’s material for any use.


Please present all requests to Request for Citation:

  • all requests to use quotations, graphs, diagrams and/or tables should be submitted in their final media vehicle, eg. press release, marketing materials, presentation, etc
  • all of the elements in the above guidelines should be included for approval (copyright statement, source, attribution, etc)
  • we will work with you to provide approval within two business days on receipt of your request.

Please contact Intellectual Property @BAL.

© Copyright 1978-2024 BAL Consulting® P/L.  All rights reserved.