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 Software Chips Data Base SCDB

Published by ACM SIGSOFT 1991

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Software reuse of more than ninety per cent (90%) requires a Software Chips Database populated by millions of software chips. The SCDB will run as a black box for the future software chips supermarkets. Software chip customers can browse the SCDB as readily and easily as a shopper browses the shelves in a super market.

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Future Software Development Management System Concepts top

Initial work during the 1980s for defining and prototyping software Development Management Systems (DMS) has prepared the ground for presenting the concepts for the year 2000 DMS. This paper was published by ACM SIGSOFT SOFTWARE ENGINEERING NOTES vol 12 no 3 Jul 1987 and is part of a cluster of 7-8 research papers on software development systems.

Computer Aided Software Engineering CASE Evaluation top This article was written in 1998. IEEE and leading CASE vendors conducted in 1992-1995 classification and rationalisation work with limited results. Whereas Object Oriented is back in a big way, CASE is still struggling. Both CASE and OO were the great fads of the computer industry in the late eighties. The first and second laws of thermodynamics are interpreted for Computer Aided Software Engineering.

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ACUS Software Engineering Tools (ASSETS) top

This article was prepared for the third Unisys Defence Systems Software Engineering Symposium January 1990. This historic research paper into software engineering tools program was based on modernising some of the best technology available from Sperry Corporation merged with Burroughs in the eighties. Sperry had outstanding assets in software engineering and long traditions in the delivery of defence systems – that part of the business was sold off many years ago. This article represents the author’s findings and does not necessarily represent anything that corporate Unisys uses today. This article was saved from the scrap heap by modern scanning and OCR technology – the author thought the article to give valuable insight into the study of corporate software engineering programs.

ACUS Software Engineering Tools 1989
ACUS Metrics Program 1989
Status Of Computer Aided Software, Ultraware Ltd 1988
Development Management System, 1987 Decus Symposium, Rome Italy
EduSET - Educational Software Engineering Tool - Information & Software Technology, Vol 30 No 4, May 1988.
Future Development Management System ACM 16th Conference Atlanta March 1988
Ultraware Development Management System DMS 5.3 User Manual 1987
Survey of U.S. Software Tools & Technology 1981 {PDF 3.5MB}

Ben Livson Archive 1970s R&D Papers including Memories of Computing 1970s

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