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I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn't like it. - Samuel Goldwyn

We appreciate your interest in submitting your idea to BAL Consulting Pty Ltd. We promote the best ideas to investment readiness and may assist you to raise the capital. We have established the following guidelines for ideas submitted to us. Please carefully review these guidelines and don't send us your plan (or any other ideas) unless you agree to these guidelines. By submitting a plan or ideas to us, you are agreeing to these guidelines:

  1. We reserve the right to review only those ideas that we believe fit our criteria for becoming a part of BAL Consulting P/L. We also reserve the right to reject ideas in our sole discretion, and we are under no obligation to return any materials to the sender.
  2. Please do not send us anything that constitutes a trade secret, patent or confidential and proprietary information. We are not in a position to accept such information, nor can we agree to obligations of nondisclosure or confidentiality with regard to submitted plans or ideas. Please note that by sending us your plan or ideas, you are acknowledging that such materials do not include any trade secrets or information that needs to patented or confidential and proprietary information.
  3. If we elect in our sole discretion to pursue a plan or idea with you, we may discuss with you an acceptable business arrangement. The plans or ideas submitted to us are not subject to limitations or restrictions on our use.
  4. We expect to receive many plans and ideas. Therefore, you understand that your idea may already have been submitted to us or be under consideration by us. We are not limited or restricted in any way from pursuing opportunities with others.
  5. By submitting your plan or ideas to us, you acknowledge that they are original to you and owned by you. You also acknowledge that you are not violating anyone's legal rights by submitting the plan/ideas to us.
  6. We have to be selective about the businesses that we select. Therefore, you understand that we are not committed to select your plan, to make an investment in the business, or otherwise to commit any resources to the business.
  7. Finally, we do respect confidentiality and your privacy. BAL Consulting P/L will not disclose your identity, ideas or plans to anybody outside its staff, advisory group and board members without your permission except when required by law enforcement.

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Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle. - Ken Hakuta


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