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Example: e-valuations® - a new fixed price e-service for evaluating e-business concepts.

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How to order consulting services by email?

A motion to adjourn is always in order - Robert Heinlein

BAL Consulting P/L Internet services and e-commerce consulting by email supplements our traditional
face-to-face consulting services:

  1. You the customer price the service, provide the brief and supporting materials such as documents to be reviewed.
  2. We respond back with a proposal free of cost and obligation about our best effort service for the price offered by you.
  3. You accept the proposal by transferring payment by one the methods of payment listed.
  4. The proposal becomes effective and follows the schedule and terms of the proposal once payment is received.
  5. By default communications are e-mail based. If security is an issue, the correspondence will be by S/MIME based email.
  6. Combined face-to-face, phone and e-mail consulting is available. For example, you may request fact finding and
  7. final presentation to be on-site face-to-face.


Benefits of Consulting by E-Mail

What is best suited for Consulting by E-Mail?

Prerequisites for Consulting by E-Mail Your rights

Our consulting by email customers have exactly the same rights and protection as our traditional face-to-face consulting customers. We are contactable by traditional means and have grown as a face-to-face consultancy servicing some 40 blue chips over the last twenty years. We believe our customer trends clearly indicate the potential for consulting by e-mail.

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